Internationalization is an increasingly important distinction for UPSA because the university stands out for its international certifications and accreditations and gives students tools to compete in the international market and in a globalized society.

UPSA offers students the opportunity to develop learning skills in international contexts through professional training programs which are carried out through language training programs (English, Portuguese and Italian) and by having lectures from foreign or trained abroad professors and sharing with foreign students, who contribute their knowledge and experiences. In addition, the institutional relationship that it maintains with more than 100 universities, from almost 30 countries around the world, opens doors to live the experience of a university exchange beginning in the fourth semester of the career.

The length of the exchange can last a few weeks or up to ten months depending on the destination and the selected program.

No matter how long you are away, the exchange leaves its mark on your life.


For more information, contact
Lic. Roberto Antelo Scott
General secretary
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Lic. Katherine Bruun Nuñez
Internationalization Coordinator
+ (591) (3) (3464000) Internal 215
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